The Hidden Cost Of DIY Home Renovations.

Australian TV has an obsession with home renovation shows. With TV programs such as The Block and House Rules extolling the virtues of DIY home renovation, many average Australians are led to believe that DIY home renovations are easy and profitable. Unfortunately many of these shows fail to highlight the dangers of DIY home renovations.

Renovating with Kyal and Kara (Ep1 Great Australian Dream)

Broken Home – Broken Heart.

Adi Tartako, the CEO of Houzz has been quoted as saying that 12% of couples going through renovations seriously consider divorce

“Whilst actually figures of marriage breakdowns during home renovations are not easy to obtain, there is much anecdotal evidence available of marriages that crumble long before a home renovation is complete”. NyTimes 

Couples can enter into an ambitious DIY home renovation without truly understanding the stressful nature of renovating one’s own home. Faced with ballooning costs, delays and the daily disruption of renovations, couples can descend into bickering and blame. Even celebrity DIY couples are not immune: Fox News

Often both partners are exhausted from working full time, looking after children and labouring on the house every weekend for months or even years. DIY dads believe that they are creating something better for their kids whilst missing out on the few fleeting years of that precious childhood. 

Whilst a DIY home renovation may seem to be a noble pursuit, a few extra dollars well spent on a professional builder that can renovate your home in less than half the time may save your sanity and your marriage.

DIY Disaster!

Measure twice cut once is the maxim for DIY projects. Unfortunately this is often insufficient for large scale renovations. DIY home renovations can be completely derailed because of large and costly errors. These missteps are expensive both financially and personally.

The most common culprits for a DIY disaster are being in a hurry, not reading the instructions and failing to properly prepare. This list has some hilarious DIY disaster stories:

As amusing as these anecdotes may be, the common thread is the increased cost of the DIY job and the extra time spent in fixing simple errors. By obtaining the services of a professional builder one can avoid a home renovation DIY disaster.

The Third Wave of Asbestosis.

There have been three waves of asbestosis and mesothelioma.  The first wave were those who mined asbestos, the second wave were builders using asbestos products to build homes. The last and least well known victims of asbestos related disease are the home renovators. SMH

This chilling report details how terrible DIY home renovations can be. Rod Smith of the Bernie Banton foundation for mesothelioma and asbestos related disease shares this story about one DIY TV show viewer:

“We had one person watch the show on a Friday night and then she smashed up her ensuite over the weekend – they have now totally contaminated their whole family.”

Third wave asbestos disease is becoming more and more common, with 6 in 10 mesothelioma sufferers having engaged with DIY house renovations according to the Public Health, Research and Practice Journal.

Of the 10,000 people surveyed over 60% of DIY home renovators had contact with asbestos products.

For the health and safety of your family please engage the services of a fully qualified professional builder. They could save your marriage, your sanity and even your life.

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