Operating A Large Vessel In Sydney Harbour

In order to operate a commercial marine vessel in a large harbour like Sydney you will require special licences and certification from a qualified and quality marine training in Sydney organisation. These courses usually run part-time for 3 to 4 months and at the end of the course you will be issued with a certificate in maritime operations or Coxswain grade 2 course Sydney.

Licences and certification

Once you have the necessary licences and certification to operate a commercial maritime vehicle in Sydney Harbour you can apply for a full-time or part-time job as a captain or master of the vessel. If you need to go outside of the harbour and into open waters mainly 15 nautical miles off the coast you will need additional certification and licences such as master less than 35 m.

One of the most important things about operating a large commercial vessel inside a harbour such as Sydney is knowing all of the nautical charts and navigation systems in order to navigate the vessel around the harbour without causing any problems or incidences with other vessels or landmark. Learning to operate a marine radio is all important as all of the other vessels on the harbour communicate via this method. As you can imagine navigating or operating such a large commercial marine vessel inside a harbour such as Sydney will require specialist knowledge and information that must be taught through a certified training organisation.

Skilled trainers

The teachers at these marine training centres are highly qualified and skilled trainers who have had experience in operating large vessels for many years. That is why you should always check the qualifications and certification of the training centre that you are going to apply to gain your certifications.

Operating a large commercial maritime vessel can be an extremely rewarding career especially in such a harbour like Sydney. Sydney Harbour is one of the most beautiful harbours in the world and on any given day can have more than 10,000 vessels moving in and around its ports, wharves, estuaries and waterways.

Never operate a large commercial vessel in Sydney Harbour without the necessary qualifications as this is highly illegal and also very dangerous.

After you have been issued with your qualification  you are then able to operate  a large commercial vessel  inside the harbour  with regular  updates  to your license  as you move further up  through the industry.  Many commercial operators  will have their own training programs  to enable advancement  as you  become more confident  with operating large vessels  in and around the harbour.

Some of the career opportunities available to people with the appropriate licences  would be:

  • ferry driver
  • tugboat driver
  • ocean liner operator
  • refuelling vessel

These are just some of the commercial  vehicles that operate in and around the harbour  and are very  satisfying jobs  that people do for many years.

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