Do’s and Don’ts of Brisbane High School Formal Wear

Formal_dresses_Brisbane_LM1477_AFormal_dresses_Brisbane_LMond_front-639x900 (1)In Brisbane as the year comes to a close and the weather warms up many students are putting more time, effort and money into the question of their Formal school ball and Formal Dresses Brisbane than on studying questions for their final exams. We cannot underestimate the impact that attending your high school formal in Brisbane may have. It will be a chance to celebrate with friends and teachers who you may have known your entire life. The High school formal is also a chance to prove your self as an adult, able to socialise and take part in an adult event. Lastly but by no means least it is an opportunity to dress up in a formal gown that, like a delicate flower, will only last one night, but is wildly beautiful for all its brevity.

So here is a little advice on what do, what to wear and how to be at your high school formal ball.

Essential High School Formal Tips

Your High School Formal will begin long before you set foot in the bedecked venue. For many the preparations can start in earnest the morning of the formal. Although in truth the formal event has been in planning for many months prior to the actual day. There is a weight of expectation that can build for a formal ball may feel overwhelming for some. The best antidote for this kind of fear is practice. Get your dress weeks prior to the event and wear it a few times to get used to how the gown moves. This is especially true of low cut gowns, where too much rapid movement can leave one exposing more than intended on the dance floor.

Possibly the most important thing that you can do to ensure you have a fabulous night is to get comfortable in your footwear. There is truly nothing worse at a formal event, where mingling and dancing is a must, than being crippled by shoddy shoes. And they don’t even have to be poor quality to make your night a misery; even the most expensive Prada pumps will be hell on your feet if they are not broken in. Wear your new shoes at least 5 or 6 times prior to the formal ball. Use band-aids on your heels to stop blisters and even obtain some leather softening agents to ensure that you don’t feel like you are wearing slippers made from glass.

Make The Most Of Your Graduation Formal

The school formal event is all about celebrating years of hard work, friendship and possibilities for the future. One of the best ways to memorialize this last hurrah of school is to arrange for a limousine to transport you and all of your friends from home base to the formal event, and even on from there to whichever after party, or parties you choose to continue carousing. The decadence of limousine transportation is not one that will be easily forgotten. Taking the instagram pics and posting them will preserve the moments you shared and nothing says pop star like a selfie in a limo. And Pop stars do love a formal ball too, as Katy Perry demonstrated when she crashed a Year 12 Graduation Formal in Sydney. Click here

The High school formal can be a time to shine, to show off a little and to let down your hair just before the real work of completing the final exams begins. The best way to do this is responsibly. Whilst a parentally approved pre formal glass of champagne may lift the spirits and add a little buzz to proceedings, necking a smuggled flask of Bundy may turn your shining night into one of shame and suffering. The best way to avoid an evening of ill-considered choices is to use the age-old buddy system. Your partner at the ball should be more than just your date they should be your friend. Make an agreement to look after each other all the way through the night, especially at the after party. Ultimately though your choices are your own, and no matter how much money you spend on an expensive formal gown, if you are vomiting duck a l’orange down the front of it on the dance floor it, like the evening, will be ruined.

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