Selling A Used Hyundai In Brisbane

Hyundai’s have been around Brisbane now for quite some time. As the 80’s dawned so did the popularity of imported cars and vans like Hyundai. So you wake up and say one morning “Sell My Motor Vehicle Brisbane!” and your mate says what sort of used car are you selling.

The answer of coarse is a Hyundai iLoad Max from 2008.

Hyundai iMax – Review – YouTube

Hyundai iMax – Review

The iMax was a swift people mover with three rows of seats and a large luggage compartment in the rear. It was originally designed for the family.. but now that you have divorced your wife, you no longer need the second hand van. Besides it’s time to go a little more up market now that you are a bachelor again!

Things that a knowledgeable buyer will want to learn about the about the Hyundai iLoad is that the turbo chargers are not worn and will need to be replaced or upgraded. Another thing that the buyer will look out for is internal wear and tear, especially if the vehicle has been used by kids.

Here is a complete Guide of the things that you will need to check.

>> Turbocharger failures aren’t that common but can occur without warning. Symptoms include whistling, increasing turbo lag and exhaust smoke. Repair bills can run into the thousands but some owners report success when replacing blown turbos with non-genuine units.
>> Ensure that lubricant changes are undertaken ‘by the book’ with correct-grade oil and observe warm-up and cool-down procedures.
>> Hyundai’s automatic transmission can downshift with a disconcerting thump. Vibration, unwillingness to down-change without manual selection and slow engagement of reverse are signs of a tired transmission.
>> iMax buyers should take someone along on the test drive to sit in one of the distant seats and monitor air-conditioner performance. You do not want to be packing the famiy inside one of these on a warm day if the cooling is below par.
>> Interior plastics in vans cop more than their fair share of abuse quickly and those that do lots of stop-start runs will have been trashed more than most. Make sure the seat belts retract , the rear seat hinges haven’t separated and the hatch latches properly.
>> The sliding side doors should move with moderate resistance – without binding or grinding but not slamming shut without provocation either.
>> Owners complain about the ‘one-button’ remote locking system which is too easy to trigger or release by accident. When parking your iLoad make sure the doors have remained locked after putting the key in your pocket.

Source: Car Point

So in order to effectively sell your old Hyundia iLoad/iMax you shall have to consider whether or not to sell the car privately, trade it in a used car yard in Brisbane. Either which way you will thank yourself for upgrading to a new vehicle that will also be safer when you have the kids for the weekend.

For more information on how to sell your car today in Brisbane visit our website here.

Imagine the feeling of getting into a new car today! It’s only a phone call away and a short drive into the Brisbane Southside area and you could be behind the wheel of a new car.

Happy Selling!

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