Lighting Tips For Your Home On The Gold Coast

Efficient Lighting

Discover Efficient Lighting on the Gold CoastLighting is a key ingredient in home décor when living in the Gold Coast. After all, what’s the purpose of buying beautiful furniture and wall décor if no one can see it? To help you get a better grasp on interior lighting, we’ve crafted a list of expert lighting tips for the home. Shine a little light on your house with these expert lighting tips from Dexco Industries Gold Coast.

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Tip 1. Base Lighting Off of the Room
For example, the lighting you’ll use in the living room should not be the same as you use in the bedroom or bathroom. Each space requires a different set of lights, fixtures, and even bulbs. With the living room, a good rule of thumb is to place a light or lamp in each corner. Use light to highlight wall art or a plant for a more dramatic effect.

Tip 2. Remember Your Layers
Layered lighting creates a softer, more inviting look. This is especially good for living rooms and bedrooms. These layers include ambient, task, accent, and decorative. Each type of lighting creates a different effect. Decorative lighting for example, is more about the fixture than the light it produces. Accent lighting is used to highlight décor or wall art. Ambient lighting is indirect and illuminates the room from every side. Task lighting is specifically geared towards lighting work areas. Understanding the purpose of each lighting layer is crucial to using light effectively in the home.

Tip 3.Use Overhead Lighting for the Exterior
Light up your entry way or foyer with overhead lighting to ensure that guests can easily see when they enter or exit your home. This prevents accidents and is more of a safety feature than a decorative suggestion.

Keep these tips in mind and light your home up in style!

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