Equipment For Performing Massage Therapy.

To perform Massage Therapy correctly there are a number of things you will need to consider. Having the right equipment is essential to ensure the safety and the comfort of your patient. This will mean that you will have the correct massage tables and chairs, to have the appropriate oils and creams and massaging tools to achieve the best results from this therapy.

massage benchCommonly recognised massage equipment is the specially designed tables and chairs to position patients in specific ways for treatment. Generally these tables and chairs are made out of durable, softly padded material that is easily cleaned. You will notice a cut-out near one side of the table, this is heavily padded for your head to provide comfort and to allow you to be positioned in a way that you can breathe through the cut-out. If you are planning on moving around with your equipment, lighter weight portable tables are available. Orthopaedic pillows also allow support and provide the right body position.

Massage chairs also known as ergonomic chairs and serve a very similar purpose to a massage bench. Massage chairs are good for home and office use and sometimes can be machine operated for quick relief.

Massage therapy isn’t all just hands on, it also uses pressurised and temperature controlled water to spray at different angles on a patient to what is required to relieve the pain. The equipment that is required to perform this task is known as a Vichy shower. This apparatus has nozzles which can be manipulated to spray water in large quantities over a client. This type of therapy requires that this table has temperature controlled water which assists in de-stressing the tensed muscle. This table also provides its own drainage allowing the water to be captured and reused. Massage Tables

Using similar concepts to the Vichy shower dry water massage beds uses jets of water on pressure points and parts of the muscles to relieve pain. However in this therapy on this piece of equipment acquired usually won’t get wet. One type of dry waterbeds uses warm water jets and air bubbles in a water bladder, and the other less common method is where the client is covered by a plastic sheet where water streams are used to relieve pressure tension and stress.

There are many types of massage tools and utensils that you can use on yourself or that your massage practitioner will use on you. Body rocks are shaped stones when placed on the body can allow the practitioner to focus more pressure in the built-up areas. Depending on where the type of massage originated can also depend on what material a particular tool is made out of.

One of the most fundamentally important pieces of equipment when performing massage therapy is the massage oil and lubricant. Creams and oils serve many purposes throughout a massage some serve as aromatherapy for relaxation and creams and lubricants are important to prevent friction burn. There are many different oils, creams, and lotions that can be used as they all serve different purposes and contain different properties. It is also important to understand how to apply the lotions to ensure you are performing the desired massage correctly. Views differ on the specific applications and can generally be your practitioner’s preference and they may also use mineral salts alongside massage oils to remove any remaining dead skin.

If you are being massaged by a trained professional who has the correct equipment and applies the correct techniques, this will help ensure you have the best and most effective massage. It is also important to ensure that patient will not get injured from not getting the required support.

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