Arborist and Pruning vs Tree Loppers

Arborist and Pruning vs Tree Loppers and tree butchering and hacking.


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An arborist is a professional who has studied arboriculture, which is the management or study of individual trees, shrubs, vines or other woody plants. Often informally called a tree surgeon or a tree doctor. An arborist generally focuses on the safety and health of individual plants and trees in an urban environment to reduce potential risk and to keep them looking good and healthy. An arborist will use ropes and harnesses amongst other new technologies to stay safe while working aloft and in confined spaces within the urban environment.



Ash_Tree_-_geograph_org_uk_-_590710A tree lopper is normally a poorly educated person who generally doesn’t care about trees and are therefore unable to make informed decisions about your trees. They are normally ill-equipped for the job and use spikes (spurs protruding from their boots) to prune trees. This action is detrimental to the trees health and the ensuing ‘lopping’ is only a “quick fix” for your tree problems. Sadly it creates far more problems than it fixes. Tree lopping is the indiscriminate cutting of trees or shrubs, where tree health, beauty or structure is not taken into consideration.

After lopping, a tree will put out new reactive growth. This growth stems from dormant buds under the bark. So they are only attached to the outer layer of the tree bark. When these stems get big they are generally the parts of trees that fail during storms and high wind events. This growth often grows thicker and faster than original growth. Meaning you have to get your ‘tree lopper’ back more frequently to achieve the desired look you’re after. Lopping of trees causes hollows within the tree structure and as time goes on the decay may worsen and the attached branches will get heavier and may end up failing. This can often cause major problems to the reaming portion of the tree, nearby structures or unsuspecting vehicular or pedestrian traffic.


The problem with lopping trees is that once the damage has been done it is almost impossible to repair. A lopped tree will need constant maintenance for the rest of the trees life, this will eventually cost more than having the tree pruned properly by an arborist or tree doctor from the beginning. As general rule is that a well pruned tree holds its shape far longer than a lopped tree and it is far safer to have a tree correctly pruned from the start.


So stop before you lop your tree as you might end up Land Clearing Brisbane As trees that are lopped are more likely to develop structural faults and could become huge hazards and may even leave the tree keeper legally responsible for damages they incur. As an arborist we like to use the saying” if God wanted trees to be lopped. He would have created birds with chainsaws on their feet”.


Talking to a professional arborist, tree surgeon or tree doctor could save you a lot more than money. It will keep your trees sound and looking good for years to come.


Contact us today to increase your investment and reduce your liability from the trees in your landscape and arrange a free quote today.

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