Plumbing Emergency On The Gold Coast How To Cope

We all love to hear the sound of the surf gently rolling up the shimmering sands of the beach in the glorious Gold Coast. But the sound of water flowing unrestrained out of a broken pipe in our house or apartment evokes a very different reaction. But should the worst happen and you find yourself in an emergency situation you may want to have some back up plans in place to deal with this very stressful situation.

plumber-goldyThe very first thing that you should do is to locate the mains valve for your home. If you are in an emergency situation and need to minimise the damage that a water leak is doing to your home there is no more important action that you can take than shutting off the flow of water to your home. If you do not currently know where the mains water valve for your residence is, you should go and have a look for it right now, go on, go find it.

Ok so I assume you either already know where the mains water valve is, or you’ve gone to find it and returned triumphant in your quest in which case congratulations, or you’ve ignored this advice, in which case I hope you remember this advice when the worst befalls you.

So you’ve shut off the tide of water flowing in to your home and you start mopping up to ensure that what ever damage was done to your house is kept to a minimum. During this process it should not be too hard to locate the source of the leak and ascertain the cause of the problem, there may be a leaking seal that has finally disintegrated, or perhaps a clogged pipe overloaded with bacon grease that burst, unable to take the strain anymore. If the source of the problem is undetectable or if the leak emanates from behind a wall it is good to take note of all of these factors in order to fully inform the emergency plumbing professional that will have to attend your home.

The next thing that you will have to do is locate an emergency plumber within your local area. It is best to be specific when you look for a plumber with your chosen search engine. If you simply say or type Emergency Plumber Gold Coast, yet you live in Elanora, the engine may direct you to a plumber in Labrador. Which is not ideal in the case of an emergency. So it is best to use the name of your local suburb as a search term. Once you have located the closest plumber to your home you’ll need to give them a quick call and inform them as to the emergency situation that you find yourself in. Be clear about exactly what has happened, where the leak or leaks are coming from and what actions you have taken up until this point. Brevity and clarity are your friends here, if you delay the emergency plumber with extraneous details there may be untold damage occurring to your home as you speak. Once the emergency plumber has all of your details including your address he will speed his way to your home to repair whatever has befallen your plumbing system.

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