Top 5 Tips For Buying A House In North Lakes Brisbane

Top 5 Tips For Buying A House In North Lakes Brisbane (Or Anywhere) Oxmar Properties


If you are a first homebuyer there are a number of pitfalls that can be easily avoided with some preparation, a little perspicacity and a healthy dose of perspiration.

1. Check out the neighbourhood.

Go for a walk around your intended neighbourhood. Be so bold as to introduce yourself to your intended neighbours and say hi. They will be as curious about you as you are about them and will probably be grateful that you broke the ice prior to purchase. Also this gives you a great chance to assess whether you can live next to them or not.

2. Make multiple visits to the area.

Take a few looks at the local area at differing times during the day. The very character of the suburb may change depending on the time of day. I was looking at one potential place, and had inspected it during the day, but decided to go back early evening to scope out the local area. On arrival all I could hear was the screaming of a two-stroke engine being revved over and over again and emanated from the house next door. This lasted for the half an hour I was there and continued as I was leaving. Needless to say this was a deal breaker for me.

3. Buying a house is an emotional experience.

Big risks inspire strong emotions in the stoutest of hearts and home buying is one of the biggest risks the average person can take. There is a whole gauntlet of emotions that can sway us away from carefully prepared plans. It may be the crushing disappointment of failing to secure a desired property, closely followed by the euphoria of a ‘too good to be true deal’ (we all know how those work out). The adrenaline that sets in with bidding wars at auction may leave you delirious at best and impoverished at worst. But perhaps the most dangerous is the fatigue and despair that sets in after you have poured through the papers, scoured the Internet and pounded the pavement more than the typical postman and still have nothing to show for it. Patience, positivity and sticking to your game plan whilst keeping a cool head will go a long way to ensuring you get the best possible deal.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions.

Has the house suffered any structural damage? Has it ever suffered from termite attack? Have there been any problems with drainage? These and many more questions may save you thousands of dollars and years of heartache if asked at the right time. Pertinent question asking may stop you from removing that retaining wall that the previous owners installed to stem flooding problems.

5. Don’t sign unless it feels right.

All the other players in a real estate transaction make money except the purchaser. The vendor, the agent and especially the bank will make money from you buying a house. Be cautious when you feel that you are being pressurized into making a hasty purchase. There may be factors at play that you don’t understand, if you take a little time and ask the right questions you snap up a bargain at the right time.

Good luck with purchasing your first property. Should you want to look at a home in North Lakes Brisbane please don’t hesitate to contact us at Castle Realty Real Estate North Lakes Brisbane. Or Visit Our Property Management North Lakes website or Contact Page.

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