Many Reasons To Remove A Tree‏

There are many reasons you may have to remove a tree at your home. The most common reason to remove a tree is that it is either sick, dying or in fact the tree is actually dead. Another common reason to remove the tree is that it has been planted in the wrong location and is going to cause damage to existing structures i.e. buildings or foot paths and/or driveways. In most cases the removing of a tree needs to be left to the professional tree lopper. Removing a tree can be an extremely dangerous and difficult task.

home_cta_maintenance_aThe tools alone can be a deadly weapon if left in the hands of the incompetent or incapable. Chainsaws for example have been known to cause serious injury and in some cases death. A chainsaw is a highly powerful machine that rotates at high speeds with a very sharp blade that can inflict serious damage to humans.

If you are going to remove a large tree you will need a chainsaw. In most states in Australia it is actually a requirement to have a licence to operate a chainsaw for the purposes of health and safety. This license is called a chainsaw certificate. To obtain a chainsaw certificate you have to attend a course to become certified. All fully qualified tree loppers and/or arborists will have a chainsaw certificate.

When it comes time to remove a tree from your house or yard it is always best advice to contact a professional tree lopper who will be able to manage the removal of the tree in a safe and efficient way reducing the risks and avoiding any potential damage to life or property.

Assuming that you have already considered all of the alternatives to removing the tree for example pruning or lopping the tree, then tree removal should actually be your final choice.

home_cta_removals_aWhen a tree lopper removes the tree they will generally start at the top of the tree cutting the branches in a systematic fashion working from the top down through to the bottom or the trunk. Chopping down the tree is the next friendly labour intensive task and this is why professional tree removal companies will have a crew of several highly trained assistants and ground staff to assist the qualified climber to remove the tree in an effective efficient and safe manner.

Once the tree has been removed the next step is to remove all grind the stump of the tree down to below the surface of the ground so as to ensure that the tree will not re-grow. Grinding the stump down to below the ground surface also ensures that the area where the tree used to exist has now become fully usable to the homeowner. Another reason to get the stump ground down below the surface when having a tree removed is to avoid infestations of insects like termites. A professional tree lopping company will also have all of the necessary equipment to mulch up the remnants of the tree i.e. the large branches and leaves that have been generated by the removal of the tree.

Always ensure that your tree removal experts are fully insured and have all of the necessary qualifications in order to carry out the task of removing a tree safely.

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