Need A Great Wedding Photographer In Brisbane?

Every wedding has special moments, and it is these moments that we want to keep precious, be it the groom first seeing his lovely bride, a tear from the father of the bride or one of the little ring bearers stopping the whole ceremony to tie their shoe.

Wedding photography Brisbane, is a difficult business, there are a hundred different places that the photographer could take a shot from, and as many special moments to record for the happy couple. Throughout the whole ceremony and the reception a good wedding photographer will know how to get the great shots without being too obtrusive. The best wedding photographers will blend in with the family and we will feel as comfortable with them at our most precious times.

With the advent of digital photography a wedding photographer has much more flexibility and can keep shooting through difficult times to capture the perfect moment. Not having to change the film every 12, 24, or 36 shots means that a wedding photographer is ‘on deck’ for more of the time now than they ever have before.

Couples are also becoming more creative and wanting to free themselves from some of the stifling set shot routine. Many modern couples want to express their own personalities and views on life through the photographs the professional wedding photographer will take. A sense of fun and capturing the joy of life is a strong theme that has been emerging for modern couples. Love, joy, happiness, these are the very things we wish for when wedding our beloved, so why not have the photographs of our special day reflect these core values we hold for our relationships and our lives.

Marriage is a journey we embark on together, and as in this photo it is best to have an umbrella, as we all know that marriage can be stormy, but it is better to take shelter in inclement weather with a good friend who can keep you warm and maybe share a laugh when the times are at their darkest.

Although wedding photography is becoming more adventurous and expressive by nature most of us still have a soft spot for the set shot. We want to stand next to our parents and grandparents, sharing our love with them. We can also look forward to a time where those very set shots will grace our own mantles and remind us of those joyous times, as we grow older.

No matter the style or composition, the weather, or venue we will remember that special day for the rest of our lives, but it is only through the photos that our memories are rekindled. Without photographs as a touchstone, the vibrancy of our memories fade, change, even wither and die. When we commit to living and loving until death do us part we need to find ways to keep that love alive and present in our everyday lives. So that when the rains come and things become cold we have a spark to kindle the warmth of love so that we may hang on to each other and the promise that is made upon that very special day.

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Jamie Grant

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