Tree Loppers: Tools Of The Trade

Any modern trades man will have a selection of tools that enable them to undertake the work that they do with professionalism and efficiency. As the old adage goes, a good workman is only as good as his tools. If a workman has inferior tools they will in all likelihood do an inferior job. I would not want a surgeon operating with a blunt scalpel or a dentist excavating my teeth with a blunt drill. So too with a modern day tree removal specialist, the equipment that they employ to undertake any job at your home or property must be of the highest quality and be maintained for personal safety and professional competence.

????????????????????A modern day tree lopper must be equipped with more than an axe or hand saw as tree loppers from the days of old. These days a professional tree removal specialist is expert with a range of equipment that will facilitate getting access to the highest branches of a tree and removing them in a safe and controlled manner. All tree removal specialists will be skilled with the use of climbing equipment such as ropes, karabiners and harnesses to give the tree removal specialist stability whilst working with high branches. They will also be experts in using ropes and pulleys to secure branches so that when they are cut they will land exactly where the professional tree removal specialist wants them to.

A professional tree removalist will also be required to use a variety of cutting implements. These will range in size from the largest of chainsaws, which may have a cutting bar of up to two metres for the very largest of trees, down to small pruning shears for delicate work on the most fragile of plants. The need for sharp and well-maintained cutting tools is an indispensible aspect of a tree loppers profession, without which the tree loppers may very well be a danger to themselves and to those they work with.

Once the larger branches of a tree have been safely removed and landed on the ground, then the clean up phase of the job will commence. This may require the use of smaller saws to reduce the branches to a manageable size, or if the job is particularly large a tree removal specialist may use of mulching machine to reduce the heavy trunk and branches to woodchips, ready to mulch for the garden. Once all of the larger branches have been removed and from the property there is the inevitable question of what to do with the stump. Many professional tree removal specialists will bring in a stump grinder to completely remove the stump to the roots, grinding the stubborn stump into sawdust. The final part of the job will involve cleaning up the leaf and twig litter that inevitably covers the ground after a tree removal job. This task may be humble enough to require the use of hand tools such as a rake or a stiff broom. Most tree removal specialists will be most likely to use a leaf blower to get all the stray pieces in one pile before removal.

Thank you for joining me in this exploration of the tree lopper’s tools of the trade.

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