What Does A Plumber Do?

Plumbers1Plumbers have been an integral part of human civilization for thousands of years, different cultures have held plumbers in high regard, the most highly esteemed plumbers on earth quite probably belonged to the Harrapan peoples of what is now Pakistan. In the Indus Valley civilization water was revered as a God and Plumbers were the civilizations high priests, able to guide, control and regulate the flow of water through copper tubing joined with pitch.

Today plumbers are not revered as high priests and are average folk just making their way. In this article we will have a look at what a modern day plumber has to deal with, what services they provide and what skills and tools they employ to get the job done.

Thousands of years ago a plumber may only have had to deal with the transportation of fresh water into a dwelling and waste liquid disposal out of that dwelling. The modern day plumber has much more to deal with than that. Today a plumber will have to be able to install and repair water supply to both residential properties and commercial premises, in addition a plumber will have to be able to install and repair gas supply to a residence or business, this applies not only to gas hot water but also with the supply of gas for heating and cooking. A plumber will have to know how to install drainage systems, sewerage systems and ventilation systems and be able to conduct effective repairs on any of these systems.

History of What Plumbers Do.

A plumber will be able to undertake the traditional work of laying pipes and installing sanitary systems, such as toilets, baths, sinks and showers. These may be required in either a commercial property such as restaurants and office buildings or more commonly in residential areas.

In addition a plumber may also be required to install water based fire protection systems. These systems may be comprised of a number of different components, from complex imbedded systems such as a sprinkler system, so more simple systems such as dedicated fire hydrants and hose reels.

A fully licensed and accredited plumber Brisbane Australia will have completed their apprenticeship as a plumber and gasfitter and passed the tests required for accreditation. During their apprenticeship most plumbers will begin accumulating the tools necessary for the jobs they will have to undertake unaided once their apprenticeship is complete. A newly graduated plumber would have a collection of tools that should at the very least include wrenches, spanners, drills and saws. As plumbers are often required to cut, join, bend and fix tubing and other materials such as lead, aluminium, copper, plastic and iron a plumber will need cutting and welding tools to undertake such tasks. A plumber will also have to clear blocked drains and may use a variety of electrical equipment to achieve this such as a pipe threading machine.

Safety is a very important part of being a modern day plumber and all plumbers will habitually wear safety gear such as earmuffs, steel capped boots, safety glasses and protective clothing.

Plumbers may no longer be the high priests of society, but without them our civilization would grind to a halt, or we would drown in our own waste.

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