A Closer Look At The Two Main Variations Of A Stump Grinder

Stump Grinding machines come in a dizzying array of variety and variations, too many variants for me to have the time to effectively cover in a single article. I am assuming you have already decided to use stump grinding, not burning or chemicals, as a method of removal once the tree is gone, but which piece of equipment should you consider using to finish off the left overs?

The major difference between the two types of machine available to do the work is one type is a stand-alone machine, and for all intents and purposes, the other is akin to a giant drill bit which attaches to another apparatus. The detached type can be towed, carried or be self-propelled and varies in size from small units that can be toted about by two people up to one that is the size of a small truck, the other type doesn’t have quite the range of choices although they can vary from fairly small, attaching to a bobcat or similar, to quite large attachments for big backhoes and or excavators.

Each type has specific constraints and limitations but it should be easy enough for the homeowner to find one that is versatile enough for their requirements. You should be able to find information to advise your decision on what is most appropriate for your specific job and site, but often the best material is obtained from a professional.

When access does not pose a risk to the machine itself, property or people, the stand-alone type tends to be the machine of choice. With the range of sizes available, the durability and general toughness of the equipment it can be used in a great many situations. The solid grinding wheel and it’s (usually) carbide cutting teeth spin at very high speeds, hydraulics often control the positioning and orientation of the cutting surface. Quick and efficient, these machines do have limitations including how near to the stump they must be to operate efficiently and safely, and just how deep they can go.

For the stumps of larger trees to be removed you may want to look for the other type. While it can be perfect if there are multiple stumps you need taken out and if they are readily accessible, the boom arm mechanism can make it the most appropriate if you need to attempt to grind a stump where access is limited by landscape, your house, stone or still standing (and wanted) trees. The ability of these machines to process numerous timber stumps quickly and to do so to a greater depth, which will accelerate the rate at which what is left behind will breakdown and decay, can make them the product of choice. This reduces the opportunity for termites to get a hold in your kitchen garden. These grinders tend to rotate at slower speeds and as a result are considered to be safer to use by some operators.

No matter which type you decide to use, you should always wear safety equipment; goggles and helmet, gloves and heavy shoes. You should use a professional or only attempt to use these devices yourself if you have been thoroughly trained and familiarised with all aspects of the operation protocols, and have all the protective equipment, don’t burn your cash needlessly. It may be an idea to double check your personal and household insurance cover before you start to, you know, just in case.

You may need to employ the services of a stump grinding expert if you are planning  Landscaping in Brisbane for example.

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Thanks for reading and good luck with your projects!

Gray Wilson

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