Emergency Plumbing Scenarios


Some of the scenarios that can happen to a water system or plumbing service that require immediate or urgent attention are usually quite serious and can also be hazardous to human health.

The worst case scenario is of coarse a burst sewerage pipe. Raw or untreated sewerage can hold deadly bacteria and left untreated can cause disease. A burst sewerage pipe will need to fixed immediately to avoid risk of disease.

Burst water mains can cause major problems also as water has become a vital resource. Water under pressure can escape at a rapid rate and a burst main can release 1000’s of liters of water in a very short period of time. Sometimes a water main will burst for no obvious reason, more often than not it will have been disturbed by excavations or over pressure.

Hot water services can be another area of concern. Hot water heaters by their very nature are indeed very susceptible to problems. Hot water creates rust, the rust builds up and the hot water will burst the seals. Usually the hot water heater will have to be replaced as the heater and container are often one unit.

Blocked toilets are a concern.

Blocked toilets are a concern.

Leaking or blocked toilets can be a very serious problem for more than just the health risk. Toilets are usually located in structural areas of you home and can cause severe water damage when they leak. Often structures will have to be repaired after a toilet has leaked and the toilet will have to be reset and resealed.

Broken taps can also be a headache. Often older tap heads will be rusty and will snap off very easily. This can happen while you are turning the tap on or off or it can actually happen all by itself.

The tap is under pressure from the water in the pipes and it will force a worn out tap to snap off. It is usually a good idea to replace the washers on a regular basis and while you are there, inspect the tap for damage.

Rusty pipes can be a source of concern. Rusty and old pipes will start to drip water slowly as the seals and joins of the pipes erode over time. Most modern pipes are now either copper of plastic to aviod this type of problem. Old pipes concealed inside walls can cause major structural damage if the pipes burst. A busrt pipe can be an expensive problem if it is inside a wall cavity.

Most people will have older pipes replaced during a renovation or when they notice that the water coming from the taps contains a lot of rust.

It is also a good idea to be aware of where the main cut off valve is for your water supply. In the event of an emergency you will need to locate the valve and shut the water supply down immediately.

A burst pipe can also cause another very serious problem which many of us have not considered. When a pipe bursts under the ground, it may take dirt or soil with it back into the water supply. This will contaminate the supply. Most councils nowadays have made it mandatory to have a back flow valve installed to avoid this very serious health risk.

This is why it is always essential to make sure that your plumber offers an emergency service for when such events occur. It is always a good idea to keep the phone number of a plumber in a place where you can find it, or even better still, store it in your phone.

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