Sustainable Construction

classic-designsThe term “sustainable construction” is becoming well used in modern society and often forms part of the green washing approach used as a sales pitch for our guilty subconscious. For this reason it is important to outline the way the seemingly polar terms ”sustainable and construction” can work in harmony to achieve a built environment that will carry us into the future and create a legacy of fore thought.

In its most basic form sustainable construction means, to be able to create structures that cause minimal damage to their greater and immediate environments and are built in such a way that they can carry themselves into the future. While this may seem simple it could not be further from the truth, mainly because of the way planning rules and building codes encourage monolithic developments built by essentially uneducated design and building professionals.

Green apartment mockup on blueprintsIn order to achieve this utopian dream of large scale self sufficient, low impact buildings, massive shifts are required by individuals, governments and companies. It is for this reason that at Renewtech we define “sustainable Construction” as being based on positive ideas that step by step contribute to the true concepts at the core of all sustainable development becoming intrinsic in all design concepts. In literal terms this means the even though a structure may only contain one sustainable element this could inspire the people around it to take this idea further creating communities that embrace the idea that all structures can be low impact and contribute to a healthier way of life. This creates pressure on industry and government putting the wheels of change in motion.

At Renewtech constructions we aim to draw on our experience in residential construction so that we can define the main areas where we can  build more sustainable structures and at the same time reduce costs.  A couple of really basic methods we have used in the past to reduce costs and contribute to a Brisbane City green home design, is to include an extensive use of  recycled timber, joinery and other building materials  as well as employing extensive waste management plans for all site rubbish and unwanted materials.

We also have a passion for alternative construction methods and we aim to take a holistic approach to the design process so that we can achieve low energy consumption through the build and in the life of the structure. Ways this can be achieved are good passive solar orientation of the building, use of thermally efficient materials throughout and really encouraging our clients to look outside the box with finish details. The main goal of all these things is to build a home that requires minimal or no heating and cooling, has the smallest possible carbon footprint  and through the reduction of the use of materials that have high VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) create a health environment to live in.

In summary, we at Renewtech Constructions believe that no matter if you are building a small extension or aiming to construct a ground breaking architectural master piece it is absolutely important to include as many sustainable elements as possible.  for more information visit my website

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