Stonemasons What are they?

The craft of stonemasonry has been in existence since the dawn of time. Creating buildings, sculptures and walls using stones from the earth was one of the original art forms that humans ever started.

I have built entire Buildings out of Stone.

Using stone as a material insures long-lasting structures which will stand the test of time. Many civilisations employed stonemasons as their main builders. Some of the great works of stonemasons include the Egyptian pyramids and temples of Bengal and the Taj Mahal.

The process of stonemasons usually begins by quarrying some rocks from below the ground and then fashioning them into usable blocks. Often a stonemason will create memorials using stone some examples would be gravestones or statues.

The modern stonemason usually under the goes intensive training both in the classroom and in the field. This is a very hands on skill and is complemented by intimate understanding of each stone type.

The type of stones which a stonemason will work on can vary. Some of the stones include igneous stone an example of igneous stone is granite.

Another type of stone commonly used in Australia sedimentary stone sandstone. Sandstone has become extremely popular throughout the ages due to its easily fashionable nature.

Another form of stone which stonemasons work with often is slate. Slate is often used for roofing and also makes a very attractive flooring stone.

If you love the look of stone and live in Brisbane and need a quality stonemasons Brisbane then I suggest that you visit my website and give me a call.

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I have been working with stone for over 25 years. I have built entire houses out of stone. By visiting my website you can see some of the examples of the fantastic things that I can build out of stone.

Some of the things I love to build our outdoor kitchens Brisbane and stoned barbecues.

Living in Brisbane and being a stonemason affords me the opportunity to create some of the most beautiful stone structures you can imagine.

The beauty of stone is that it is timeless and it can be fashioned into anything you like!

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