Tree Removal Brisbane

Tree Removal Brisbane

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Professional Tree Removal Brisbane

The decision to remove a tree in Brisbane is a difficult one.

Many things should be taken into consideration before removing a tree in Brisbane:

• There are many reasons to leave trees where they are and perhaps trim and prune to make safer for human co-existence

• Habitat- does the tree provide a home for native fauna?  Does it function as a corridor for the movement of native animals from one place to another?

• Land Stability- tree roots move deeply into the earth.  As far as the tree grows into the air, so too the roots penetrate into the ground.  This has many benefits.  The roots hold the earth together preventing erosion and slippage.

• Cooling- A tree creates it’s own micro-climate.   Shade, water retention in the earth, cooling the ground and air in the vicinity are all results of a tree’s presence

• Aesthetics- Trees beautify the landscape and encourage birds and other wildlife to reside

• Carbon Storage- A tree captures carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and stores carbon creating precious oxygen for us to breathe

Reasons why tree removal brisbane may be prudent

• Species inappropriately placed- ie too close to buildings, root structure interfering with plumbing, roads or foundations

• Weed Species- introduced species can often self propagate, grow and multiply at an unchecked rate in our climate becoming pests.  Examples include Chinese Elm, Camphor Laurel, Jacaranda (NSW)

• Aged and deteriorating- trees have a natural life-span and as they approach this later stage of their life cycle they can become at risk of branch failure or falling in storms unexpectedly

• Diseased and pest affected- trees are vulnerable to a variety of pests and diseases- if left untreated they can cause branch failure and or untimely demise

• Renovations- any development such as pools, decks, water tanks and additions in the urban environment may require tree removal for works to proceed

Avoiding tree removal

• In many cases regular maintenance of your trees can keep them looking great, under control in terms of size, healthy, stable and as safe as possible in storm scenarios.  They can prevent the need for the removal of the tree.

• Maintenance may involve regular pruning, fertilising, water and mulching.  Creating an exclusion zone beneath your tree can assist in maintaining tree health by preventing soil compaction.

• Another method of keeping a tree healthy that is located in a heavy foot or vehicular traffic area is to perform regular soil injections.  This involves penetrating the earth beneath the tree with water and fertiliser.

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