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Caring for our urban environment is an important community activity. Those trees and plants within our urban forests provide us with many great benefits. We cannot breathe the air unless they provide it, we cannot find shade if they are not there to provide it nor will we be able to enjoy the natural atmosphere created by these plants and trees and the wildlife they attract.  As residents of Brisbane we are very lucky that we live in such a green city. Our city is one of the greenest in the world and our unique climate provides our urban forest with an enormous range of plant and tree diversity. It is this reason that our suburban areas are well sought after and highly valued. We live amongst these urban forests in our homes and units, we drive around them every day and play and rest under them on our weekends. We share a close relationship with these forests and they appeal to us every day.

It is this reason we should care for them correctly and take the maintenance of the urban forests seriously. Australian tree care is decades behind the techniques and methods used in the US, UK and continental Europe. Australia has been spoilt by the abundance and hardiness of our native species and the easy adaptation of introduced species to our environments. This has lead to a nonchalant attitude to urban tree management. Which, has adversely led to the popularity of the ‘tree lopper’ in our suburbs. This person has little to no qualifications and has no knowledge of tree biology. Tree loppers also show no regard for plant aesthetics, plant health or future stability.

Arborists however, have been well trained in all these areas and are knowledgeable in the latest international techniques of complete tree and plant care. It is these people who daily manage the urban forests in which we live. Their goal is as much the preservation of this environment as it is the correct management and development of future urban forests. Those tree care professionals involved in the public and private sector are seeking to eliminate the poor tree care practices of the past and educate to public in a tried and tested systems of Arboriculture.  The application of proper Arboriculture techniques will continue to stand in testament to a more researched and methodical approach to tree management.  They are also specialist in determining tree health and potential tree hazards. A good Arborist will have the skills and techniques to manage any tree issue.

So if you care for those plants and trees in your yard, park or other urban spaces then be sure to seek the advice of a qualified arborist.  They have been trained to provide the public with the best information regarding tree care and plant management.  Their work is all around us, from the grand old Fig trees throughout Brisbane, to the beautifully pruned trees in our public city spaces. There is no denying that better maintained trees are an asset to our environment, our properties and our city. So be sure to seek the best advice when you next need correct plant and tree care.

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